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RadioSYNC creates bespoke radio campaigns working with everyone from DJs, Artists, Radio Stations, Club Promoters and Festivals.

We can connect you to millions of listeners globally to ensure your music and brand are heard around the world.

Our expertise in producing and marketing radio shows and musical content, combined with our global network of radio stations, create the perfect platform to promote your brand worldwide. Each week we produce content for some of the worlds biggest DJ’s, creating a marketing reach that expands to millions on a global scale.


Syndication is the process of providing a licensed broadcaster with your radio shows through a secure and approved service. We use a targeted Syndication approach tailored to each of our artist’s to ensure maximum global reach.


Our unique and innovative social media activity promotes a link between you, your fans and the radio stations working together with your own social media campaigns.


With years of experience producing shows for some of the world’s biggest artists; our production team understand how to provide a process, which is easiest for our artists. While taking care of the quality of the show; including the creative content you want and maximizing listener engagement which is linked to our social media promotional activity.

Artist Activity Development

We strive to provide a proactive service, allowing you to access real time, up to date information on all aspects of your Radio Show. With our RadioSYNC APP you will have access to your real time updated Syndication reports and statistics as well as other key features.


  • Global network of top DJ’s & radio stations
  • Experts within the music industry
  • Drive engagement with your target market
  • Access to the latest promos and music
  • Creative and slick production service
  • First class customer care


Music industry experts with over 15 years of experience.

Each week our radio shows and productions are played worldwide across our network of radio stations.

Our aim here is to increase your brands presence whilst engaging the consumer and expanding your marketing reach within the music industry.

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Weekly Listeners

Growing number of listeners tuning in to our shows each week

Radio Stations

Our list of Syndicated Stations is constantly increasing each month

Radio Plays

Our global reach of countries continues to develop as does our stations


Consistent engagement from fans and listeners on all our Social Media campaigns


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